Floppy Toast was founded by Tracy Walker who began her creative life in performance & theatre before stepping sideways into fine art after relocating to the UK from New Zealand.


A design focused studio we produce typography inspired art prints and stationery that is just that little bit different than the rest & work hard to keep our work firmly based on classic design elements that will look good in your home now AND in 10 years time.

Our work style leans towards a minimalist scandi vibe with a rock and roll edginess. On our off days we write & record music which at times ends up on some of our prints and stationery as little phrases or slogans so it's a great way to combine a few of the things we love in the one place.

All our prints, cards and notebooks are professionally printed right here in the UK using companies who care for their work as much as we care about ours, ensuring everything we do is of the highest possible quality and finish.


We hope you find something you see and like, if you have any questions just drop us a line.



Floppy Toast Likes

Strong Coffee

Late nights

Even later mornings 






















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Floppy Toast


'Words are art waiting to happen; which makes everyone an Artist and me a prolific word thief'



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