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'BRASS MONKEY' - foiled square print

Our brand new slogan prints are here.

•  Square, 15cm x 15cm
•  Professionally printed on matt black card

Bold Typography slogan prints are always popular + who doesn't love a bit of shiny shiny!


Urban legend says this slang derives from the traditional Navy phrase "cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey, referencing the brass structure or 'monkey' where cannon balls were stacked which would contract under extreme cold which would make the balls fall off.


These days if it's very cold out, the term 'It's a bit brass monkey out there' can still be heard in various parts of the United Kingdom, hence our coppery lovely Brass Monkey print.


Guaranteed to catch your eye adding sparkle to any corner of your home, these wee prints change as the light falls on them and as you move around the room, they make a very fun gift for that special person in your life, a little bit of copper tongue in cheek to lighten the mood.


These will be a great addition to your gallery wall, bold enough to stand out + small enough to be placed in those little gaps we all end up with and don't quite know how to fix.


All our prints come with backing board for protection and are enclosed in a clear bag to keep safe until framed, we recommend framing these prints as soon as you receive to protect the foiling and flatten the print.


Other slogans available in this series.


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