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A series on naming artwork - Part One.

Fine art print, modern abstract art, titled Girl with head down

'Girl with head down' | Fine art print 2022.

This was such an easy one from art to naming, it doesn't often happen that way, more times than not I farm out the responsibility of naming work to other people. I like the disconnect it gives me towards the painting or print, it allows me distance as well as release.

I don't create work to a plan, it's typically an instinctive process about capturing a feeling or thought as opposed to a true representation of what it ends up 'being' so I pretty much just free style looking for a direction.

This one was no different, pushing texture and brush across the page for weeks, drawing out points, flicking them about in the same way I would using acrylic on canvas, waiting for something to show up.

And all of a sudden she was there.

I saw straight away who she was as if she were waiting in the wings fully formed. A girl in the elements, winds swirling, hood down, cowled by the weather or maybe the day. She seemed determined and strong but tired, maybe looking forward to getting home to a bath. I imagine she has bags in both hands, probably quite full of the things she's been putting off getting at the shops for too long and now here she is, along the edge of some busy street just after rush hour, anonymously hidden in the dusk and swirl of life, car lights flickering over the dirty pavement running like oil in water. Perhaps she will make a soup out of the bits she's picked up or perhaps they'll wilt in the fridge alongside the things she picked up 3 weeks ago.

I like that she can be anyone, protected by coat + scarf along with the absence of awareness from those around her, the light rain settling but not sinking into her clothes, not that she'd care if it did. I love that she loves that; she is both invisible and untouchable as she goes about herself quietly, secretly.

She is a story of strength + grace, set amongst the grey.

'Girl with head down' in a struggle against the wind, I knew your name as soon as you appeared, you are all of us and none of us, separate + intrinsic...I'm really glad you showed up because I think we could be friends.

Floppy Toast 2022.


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